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In this blog, I would like to share something about learn helplessness. We all know that everything in our life sometimes doesn´t run smoothly as we want and we can´t do something to avoid it or we are not able to make the situation even better. Sometimes things also turn against us and it could make us down. For me, as I realized lately, there are such a things in my life which could make me feel so down, such as rejection and failure. I must admit that these two things is my biggest energy sucker. It sucks all of my positive energy and what will remain is just a hopeless feeling.

I think I already feel resist of being rejected after 3 months searching for a job and all companies that I have applied for, rejected me. At the first month, I still had a lot of energy and positive thinking that one day I might have a job. But after three months, that energy fades away and what left is just a negative feeling which was accumulated by those rejections. I am starting to think that I am not that good or qualified to get a job. Honestly, it makes me feel insecure and hopeless every time I want to send some applications because I think that I will be rejected again, so I stop sending my CV for a while.

As I start to analyze myself, my mind start to build a negative thinking because of this rejection and failure to get a job This negative thinking sucks all of my positive energy and affects also the way I think and I feel about my self. I already do something to change the situation such as learn the language, apply various kind of job, even pray, but everything seems didn´t work. I do feel really awful and useless, so I start also to build a thinking that I might not even worth to get a job because i´m not that qualified and I can´t do anything to change it. In the other way, I learn something which is called helplessness. I learn to be helpless in my situation. This helplessness makes me feel desperate and I don´t have positive energy more to do something good.

So when we believe that we can´t do anything or helpless in any situation, even when it´s not true, we learn to be helpless. So to defeat this feeling inside of me, I start to find what I can do, it´s not always something which is better than others, but something useful that I csmilean do, such as cooking and writing. Writing this blog is such a therapy for me. I would like to thank all of you who read my blog and even like it, because it such a motivation for me and it´s like an positive affirmation that I can do something useful. Those positive feedbacks fuel my positive energy. It also affects the way I think about my self and it makes me feel better. I also lucky to have a positive family who always give me positive thinking and they always support me also.

So guys, I hope this blog could help others also. If you start to feel helpless, please start to think something good and find what you can do, instead of letting that negative feeling grow bigger and bigger. There must be something we can do to change the situation, or if we are not able to change the whole situations, at least we can change our selves first. You can also try to find positive people or surrounding around you to support your positive mind. The more positive we think, the more positive we would feel, the more positive we could react, and the more positive the outcome will be. Please also don´t hesitate to share your problem with others or even ask for a help if you feel that you are not able to solve it by yourself. There are a lot of angels without wings around us who will help us also.

For my readers, thank you for being my angels without wings and I will keep writing. I hope you all enjoy it.


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