Patience Fruit

Once upon a time, there was a family, who lived in a large farm. The parents only had one son but they lived happily. The parents worked hard everyday at their farm, to make sure that everything ran well. The son also learnt a lot from his parents how to cultivate the land and also how to take care of the animals.

One day, the father took his son to see the new plants that he would like to grow. He showed a lot of young trees which were grown nearby the river. He also showed his son a rare seed, it was as big as an adult´s fist and the color was blue. The son never saw this kind of seed before. He asked his father, “What kind of seed is that? it is so huge and the color is so rare to see.”, the father answered, “This called patience fruit. These trees were come from these seeds. It is so rare to find now, so I have decided that we have to grow it in our farm. But you have to know one thing, this might take a long time to grow, so you need to be patient. It has its own time to grow fruit, so we just have to wait, but surely your patience will be rewarded and it will be fruitful.”

So they took a good care of the trees. It grew bigger and stronger everyday so that the land was covered with lush trees which didn´t have any fruits. It also brought coolness when the sun shone too strong. The birds liked to rest on the tree´s branches also. It became a good spot to relax after a hard working day. It also became the favorite place for the family also.

One day, something bad happened, the father was sick and dying. Before his father died, he said, “I ask you to take care of those patience trees no matter what will happen, you can´t cut it down or sell this land to another farmer. You have to promise me that you will wait until the tress grow fruits.” The son promised to always take a good care of those trees. The father felt so relived and then he died peacefully.

After that, the son and his mother took care of the farm. His mother took care of the animals and the son took care of the land. Unluckily, something bad happened again, there was a epidemic of animal´s disease which infected most of animals in that farm. The animals got sick and most of it couldn´t survived. The family lost a lot of their animals and even they had to sell part of his land in order to earn some money for living.

In summer, another disaster also happened. The sun shone so strong and there was almost no rain in that area for couple months, so the plants couldn´t survive, except the patience trees because it grew nearby the river. They harvested almost nothing so they didn´t have a lot of crops to sell. The son even had to find another work to earn more for their living, but he kept his promise to his father, he didn´t sell the land which the patience trees grew on it and he kept taking a good care of the trees.

The son worked at another farm nearby their farm to earn some money for him and his mother. At that farm, he learnt more how to cultivate the land, he learnt also how to market the crops in a better way. He knew a lot of food supplier who searched fresh crops direct  from the farmer.

One day, his mother was so old, and didn´t have any more strength to take care of their land while his son worked at another farm, so she asked his son to sell all of their land. But the son told his mother that he wouldn´t sell it because he promised his father. His mother said, “What we have now is just a land with those trees which haven´t even once grow any fruit in the last 10 years. How long do we have to wait more?”, then the son answered, “Father said that it has its own time, and I believe him, so I will wait until it grows fruit.”

Unluckily his mother´s condition dropped, so in order to take care of his mother, he couldn´t work anymore. He needed a lot of money to nurse his mother. Even though we didn´t want to sell the last land that they had, but this last option came to his mind because it was the last things he could do to save his mother. He went to the land and sat there for a while, then he cried, ” I am so sorry, I had to sell you all, I have waited for a long time and you didn´t grow any fruit, so to save my mother now, I have to sell you all.” he said to the trees.

He was so sad, so he didn´t realized that something good actually happened on that land. Whmarkisaen he looked at the trees, he saw a lot of flowers on the tree´s branches. The trees would grow fruit soon. He went home and he told his mother, it grew their hope about life. It also grew the mother´s spirit to live more.

A couple weeks later, the trees grew a lot of fruits, which was so sweet and nutritious. The price was so high because they were only farmer who grew those trees. The son and his mother were so thankful because they didn´t sell that land. The son sold the fruits to the food suppliers who he knew while he worked at another farmer. They became so rich because of those patience fruit. Then the son realized one thing that his father said before. Every patience and hard work will be rewarded one day. We just have to wait until the time comes, but we have to keep trying and believing.


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