A Journey to Find Happiness

18010343_10154595291070292_8661180608399500956_nI believe that this is one of the most favorite topics to be discussed for all the time. I also believe that this is one of our goal in life. Who doesn´t want to feel happiness? I guess none who doesn´t want it. For most people this things is much more important than wealth or popularity or even power, at least it is for me. Being happy makes my life becomes meaningful to be lived and I search this things everyday.

I won´t teach you all how to get it, because it can´t be taught, everyone should have to find it by their selves. I also believe you all can easily find this topic in bookstore or even in internet. So many expert discussed it also, but as i am not an expert, I just want to share the way how I can find happiness in my life. Of course, my life isn´t always filled with happiness, I also appreciate another feelings which occurred in my life because it gives color in it, but at least when I do these things below, I am able to find my happiness. So here are they :

1. Be grateful: our life sure are full with blessing, either we realized it or not. To be healthy each day, to see the one we love, to have a job, to have children, to have family, are included as those simple blessings. But of course, sometimes we also have to deal with failure. If we also think or focus on our failure, we surely will be so desperate. Failure is something that naturally should happen in order to learn to be better. It´s just a lesson of life. Something which is normal to be faced. So don´t focus only our failure, instead of it, count our blessing more or even write it down everyday.
2. Stop comparing ourself to others: this is my biggest problem. I like to compare my life with others, especially someone who is luckier than me. That makes me feel awful and sometimes i can´t resist it. So in order to avoid it, to make a balance, i also compare myself to others who are not as lucky as me, so that i will feel that my life is not that bad. As i learn in my life, people like to show off their happiness, either in social media like instagram, facebook, or other things. They showed us how happy they are when they got new family member, had a new luxurious things, had a holiday in exotic island, etc. Of course people only want to share something happy so that people will judge that they had one, but is it really their life? I believe that every person has its own hard time and also success. Comparing our luck to others will only cause jealousy. We don´t even know how hard their life behind those happy showed off picture. Life has its own balance, so behind every success or luck, we would face our each own hard time also. So just enjoy our life. Anyway, true happiness won´t be showed off, they are shared, so it will spread all over the world.
3. Never ask others to make us happy because true happiness always comes from inside our selves. This is included don’t married someone only because we are hoping that our spouse will make us happy. This kind of thought will be a disaster in the family. How could we make other happy if we are not happy, what we will do is just sucking our spouse positive energy and what will remain is just a piece of zombie, who is also as empty as our selves. This happiness is just like a glass of water, if the glass is empty, what you will do is sucking others energy to fill your happiness, but if your glass is full, it will pour out and spread.
4. Respect our selves and choose to be happy: We all have choices to be decided in our live about our selves because we are active creature who are blessed to be able to make a decision. In order to choose to be happy, we can search any things which can make us feel happy, we can choose environment that makes us happy, we can also choose to be in touch with positive people, choose to do something that make us happy, choose also to stop seeing those melancholic drama in TV and relate it with our selves. We can make our life better with our choice and sometimes what we need is just take a break from our routine, go somewhere else which we never go before, creating some adventures, or just sit down, relax, read some books, or chat with love of our life.
5. Respect also others feeling included negative emotions, never deny it and just let it go. When i feel really down, i just sit and cry a lot. I need crying to release all of those burden and negative emotion in my self. After that, i feel reborn and i am ready to face everything. It´s really ok to let our selves cry. Crying doesn´t make us weak, but it helps us to release those negative emotions, so we have more energy to think clearly and deal with our problem. In order to feel happy, sometimes we have to let go our negative emotions include our pain, disappointed feeling, grief, and even our tiredness. Don´t always repress it because it will make us feel worse and it will also cause some psychological problem. It´s ok to be sad sometimes, to feel down, to cry, because it´s humanly. We are not a superhuman who always feel good every time. It’s also ok to take a break for a while, just you and yourself, let the feeling comes out, feel it and let it go because life goes on and some good things are waiting for us.


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