The Unlucky Man Who Saved The Village

Once upon a time, there was a poor village. Everyone who lived in this village was so poor and ugly. This village people were  afraid to go to another places because usually others would mock and reject them. It broke their heart and made them felt so desperate. So they always prayed to have a better life. They cried a lot at night in they prayers. One day, a fairy passed by this village. She heard the people´s prayers and started to felt pity with all of them. So she decided to give them presents.

She made an announcement for the village people to gather in the large field and She would bless each of them with a better life. She gave wealth to some people, she gave some talents to the other, she gave beauty to the women, and she also gave power to the men. Almost all people in that village received a new life, except one man. This unlucky man was collecting woods in the jungle, while the fairy blessed the village people in the field. When he went back to his village, he was so surprised to see the change. Everyone that he knew had already turned to someone else who was more beautiful and richer. Everybody was so happy with this change so that they didn´t even notice this unlucky man´s presence. The unlucky man just lived as poor as before and nothing was changed in his life

In a short time, this village became famous because it was filled with beautiful and handsome people, rich and also talented people. This poor village became one of the most rich and attracted village in the country. But it turned the village people into something else also. The people became so arrogant and they liked to mock others who were poor and ugly, include the unlucky man. They forgot who they were before. They also became so selfish and greedy, they didn´t care each other more.

The fairy heard about this change. This condition made the fairy became angry. She didn´t expect the people would change like that. Instead of being grateful, the village people became even worse than before she gave them a new life. So she came back to the village and asked them to change their behavior and attitude, but they wouldn´t listen to her. The fairy became so mad, then she decided to punish the village, the rain would not fall on this village, unless the people could made this fairy cried.

After that, every good things in this village became bad. They were suffered from drought. The plants died and also the animals because of it. The people tried everything they could to make the fairy cried. Some people cried so desperately, but it didn´t work. Some talented people made a very sad song and sang it out lout, but it didn´t work also. Some people tried to hurt them selves, but the fairy didn´t cry at all.

The unlucky man saw everything and he thought the other way. He would also like to try to make the fairy cry so that he could help his village. Everyone doubted him and some of them even underestimated this man because he was just an ordinary person without any gift from the fairy. But this man didn´t bother it. He just invited the fairy to come to his hut.

The fairy agreonioned to come and visited hut. The unlucky man asked the fairy to cook with him. The fairy was so surprised with it, but she agreed. Then the unlucky man asked the fairy to help him cutting a lot of onion to make some onion soup. The fairy started to cut the onion one by one. Nothing was happened for a while, but after the first one, the fairy started to drop her tears and began to cry. The unlucky man was succeed to make the fairy cried. Something happened also outside the hut, the sky became darker and the rain down.

The village people was so grateful and then they realized that they already made a huge mistake. They shouldn´t underestimate the unlucky man before. Their arrogance made them unable to see other people´s strength or good things. The one who they underestimated before was the person who saved their village and also themselves. They apologized to the man and also thanked him for his help. The fairy praised the man as the cleverest man in that village and gave him present. She gave wisdom, wealth, and also long life to the clever man. The man used the present wisely in the rest of his life so that his life became so meaningful.

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