The Wise King

Once upon a time, there was a king who lived in a beautiful castle with his wife, son and thdaughter. He was actually a wise king who didn´t want to spoilt his children with wealth and power. So whenever his children asked for something, he always gave them special lesson of life to learn.

At his son´s birthday, the young prince asked for a tree house as his present. Instead of asking some famous carpenters to build it for his son, the king gave the young prince raw material and asked some carpenters to teach his son how to build the tree house. The young prince asked the king, “Why should i build it by myself, that would be easier if the carpenters build it.” “Yes, but you never learn how to make your own wish come true. We need a lot of hard works to make our wish come true and that is the things that i want you to learn.” The young prince understood and then he learnt from the carpenters how to build his tree house. He could finish it and he was so satisfied with the result. The young prince found that working with woods was a fun thing to do, so he learnt more to make other things, such as furniture from the carpenters.

Then the other day, the young princess asked the king to buy her a new dress for her birthday. Instead of asking some famous tailors to make it, the king invited some famous tailors to come to his castle. He bought high quality of textiles, beautiful laces, and also sequins then he asked them to teach the young princess how to make a beautiful dress. The princess asked her father, “Why should i learn how to sew, you could just asked them to make a beautiful dress for me. It would be easier, wouldn´t it?” The king replied, “Yes, it would be. but you will never learn how to make you wish come true. that is the things that i want you to learn.” He answered just as the same answer that he gave to the prince. The young princess understood and learnt how to sew those materials from the tailors. She could make a beautiful dress by her own and she felt so satisfied with it. She made more dresses for herself and the queen also.

The king also told his children to learn how to cook their favorite meal. In their spare time, the children liked to cooked and also learnt how to make delicious meals from the famous chefs in their kingdom. The queen sometimes got confused with what the king did, and she asked,”Why should our children learn those such of things, we have a lot of servants, they didn´t have to do it by themselves actually.” The king replied, “We never know where life would take us. Now we are on top, but like a wheel which always turns, life might take us to the bottom line of life. When it happen, they already learn how to survive. They should learn that hard works is a mandatory things to do when they want to reach their dream. One thing that is important also is, to be on top or to be a great leader, they should know what bottom is so they are able to respect others and appreciate their position.” The queen finally realized what actually his husband did and she couldn´t agree more.

One day, terrible things happened, there was a war and the kingdom lost the war. Everything was destroyed included the castle. The king and queen died, but their children were saved. They escaped with some of loyal servants to another country. The prince and the princess started the new life which was far from luxurious things. They even had to build their own house. Luckily, the king had taught them every basic things to survive. With the help of their loyal servants, the prince could build a house for them to live, the princess could cook some meals. Even more, they could earn a lot of money buy by selling furniture and dresses that they made by themselves. The prince and princess realized how important the lessons that their father gave. They could survive to live in their bottom line and even more, they became the famous carpenter and tailor in that country.

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