A Jar of Happiness

Once upon a time in heaven, there was a final examination for the angels who wanted to be human´s guardian. The mentor gave each of them a jar and the angels had to fill the jar with the bubble of happiness. The one who was able to fill the jar fully, could pass the exam. So the angel was commanded to fly to all around the earth to search bubble of happiness.

The first angel flew to the rich families. He thought that the rich family´s life would have a happy life so it would be easy to fill the jar fully. He observed the family´s life and he was so ready to catch the bubble of happiness which would be appeared when someone´s truly happy, but unluckily it wasn´t appeared for a long time. Most of the family especially the parents seemed so busy with their business and they didn´t have much time for their children. The parents mostly thought about how to gain more profit or how to maintain their business kingdom. They also went abroad a lot, so their children usually were lonely. They tried to make their children happy by giving a new toys, new fancy clothes, new gadget, or whatever new things. They spoilt their children with wealthy but they weren´t really even there when the children needed them the most. They just thought of their self and seldom thought of others. None of their children were really happy and most of the children became selfish people. So the first angel almost got nothing from them.

The second angel flew to the famous people. He also thought that these famous people would have a lot of happiness in their life. They were not only rich, but also famous. Everybody knew these kind of people and the public adored them also. But when the angels saw their life, what he thought was not really right. These people seldom felt happy. They smiled at the camera but cried inside because most of them were lonely. The public adored their image, not their really inner self. They were forced to always look perfect in any occasion. People also wanted to know every detail of their life and they almost didn´t have any privacy. Most of them felt so tired and just wanted to have a normal life. They were longing to have a simple life and surrounded with people who truly loved them, not only their popularity, but also their self. So the second angel also almost got nothing for them.

The third angel came back to heaven with a jar which was full of happiness. It made the other angel so confused. “Wheangelre did you found so much happiness?” asked the other angels. The third angel smiled and answered, “I fly to so many places. First of all,  i flew to hospital, i saw some of patients was cured from terminal illness, they was so grateful and happy when they had second chance of life. Then, i flew to the playground. I met a lot of happy children who played with their parents and friends. Most of the children came from ordinary families, they didn´t have fancy clothes or toys, but they felt so happy playing together with their friends and family. The third, the place which i collected most of my happiness bubbles was a home. The people in this house prayed everyday to thank God of what He already gave them. Their heart was full of gratitude and love. They didn´t compare their self or what they have to others. They also like to share what they have to some families who needed something that they have, so they shared their happiness to others and the others spread it to others people. They made such a chain of happiness, so i got a lot of happiness bubbles from them.”

The other angels learnt something that happiness couldn´t be bought but it was something that was came from inside. The happiness would become more and more when we share it. So at the end, only the third angel who passed the final exam.

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