Liwetan (Indonesian´s traditional way of eating)

DSC_4504DSC_4502DSC_4503First of all, i would like to say Happy New Year for all of you. I hope you all have a very wonderful new year and wish you all the best in 2018. I do have a wonderful new year and i ended my 2017 with a great supper called by Liwetan in Indonesia.

So for my first blog in 2018, i would like to introduce this Liwetan. This is normally known as Liwetan in Java island, but it has others name also in other cities in Indonesia, such as Megibung in Bali, or Bancakan in Sunda, etc. Liwetan is a way of eating that the rice will be served on banana leaves with a various kind of meals, such as Tempe, tofu, perkedel (fried potato), bakwan (fried vegetables), egg, fish, chicken, salty fish, fresh vegetables (tomato, lettuce), and also sambal (chili sauce). The people normally sit on the floor or possible also on the long chair with a long table. They will sit around the food and eat with hand together at the same time.

This way of eating was influenced by the tradition of Islam religion in pesantren (school of Koranic studies for children and young people) in Java island for a long time. This way of eating spreads to all over region in Indonesia. It represents togetherness and it also strengthens the bonding within the family members.

When i served this kind of meals to some of my friends, we were so excited to see so many foods on the table. My Liwetan was with rice, grilled chicken, spicy egg and potato, Tempe, bakwan, sambal, and also fresh vegetables. The rice itself was cooked with lemon grass, salam leaves, salt, coconut milk, and a bit garlic powder

Honestly, some of my friends got confused about how to eat all of the food, but we enjoyed it so much.  We ate with more appetite so we almost left nothing on the table. The aroma from banana leaves also made the taste of rice became more delicious. We are pretty sure gonna repeat this way of eating with different kind of food, but it must be with rice.


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