I just don’t want to be myself (A story of a turtle)

Once upon a time, there was a turtle who lived nearby a river in a jungle. Because he was so small, the other animals sometimes didn’t noticed his presence. Some big animals like elephants, giraffes, and also bears also oftenly stepped on his shell cause they thought that he was just like a stone. Luckily his shell was so hard so that it won’t easily broken and the shell are able enough to protect his little turtle from any harm.

Because he was oftenly invisible by others, he really had a wish to be some bigger animals. In the morning, he liked to sit on a rock in the meadow watching the other animals. He saw a group of elephants ate grass, the group of deers relaxed and some of deers drank water from the river, some butterflies flew around the flowers, but something blew his mind when he saw the sky. A group of birds were flying beautifully and he was so amazed with those birds, they mesmerized him. Every animals could see the flying birds in the sky, but they were so unreachale. He thought that birds were the coolest animals among others because it could fly so high, untouchable, and stunning. So the turtle wished that oneday he could be a bird.

Oneday, when he walked through the jungle to find something to eat, some naughty monkey passed by and planned something bad. The monkey took the turtle and threw it to his friends, just like playing throw and catch ball, and the ball was the turtle. The turtle hid on his shell and his body was shaking so hard because he was afraid. He couldn´t do anything to stop the monkeys because he was smaller and powerless. After the monkey got bored, they throw the pity turtle in the air and left him all alone after his shell hit the ground so hard. Luckily nothing was broken because his shell was so hard, but the pity turtle got dizzy.

The turtle cried a lot and he really wished that he was another animal. He was sicked of being invisible and being somebody´s joke like that. Because he was crying so loud, an angel heard it and came to him. The turtle was so surprised seeing the angel. “Why are you crying?” asked the angel. “I am sicked of being so invisible, powerless, and being other´s joke. I wish i could be other things.” answered the turtle. “So what do you want to be?” asked the angel again. “I wish i could be a bird that can fly so high in the sky.” said the turtle. “Ok, i will turn you to a bird. But once you regret your wish, you will become a turtle again and will never turn to be a bird anymore.” said the angel. “I won´t regret it!” said the turtle seriously.

Then the angel turned the turtle to a bird, a small green bird with a short beak and strong wings. The turtle thanked the angel and the angel gone away. The turtle who already turned to be a bird was so happy. He learned to fly, but it wasn´t as easy as he thought. Flying actually was so hard to do, but because he was so excited, he was eager to learn flying till he could really fly. He flew so high through the clouds, he also could see the tree and river from up above. The trees were so small from up here, he thought.

After flying for a long time, he was so tired and decided to take a rest on a branch of a tree. He just wanted to take a rest, but suddenly he heard some scream. It was the voice of a parrot.”This tree is my house, so you should find another place. Go away!” yelled the parrot with anger. The parrot was so ready to have some fight if  the “turtle” bird wouldn´t fly away, so the “turtle” bird decided to fly away and found another tree. Unluckily all of the trees in that jungle that he could find already had their own owner, so the “turtle” bird decided to stand on a rock, but it wasn´t easy to sleep with his two legs. Just right after he closed his eyes, he heard something was roaring. His instinct told him that it could be something dangerous.

Suddenly something jumped from the bush nearby him and his instinct was right. It was a tiger, a hungry one which wanted to make him as his supper. With a great shock, the “turtle” bird flew away till the tiger couldn´t catch him anymore. He flew all night because he didn´t know where to go. He started to think that living as a bird was as easy as he thought before.

When the sun shone, the “turtle” bird was so exhausted and he couldn´t move his wings anymore so he felt down. Luckily it was a meadow with a soft grass below him, so he wasn´t hurt at all. He slept for a while until he heard some noise. The noise was so loud, so it woke him up. Before he realized what was going on, he saw a duck fell down nearby him and the duck didn´t move at all. He thought what was actually going on, until he heard the second noise, it actually came from a gunshot. There were some hunters who shot some ducks at that meadow.

The “turtle” bird was so shocked and flew away. He tried to avoid the shot, but unluckily his wing got shot and he fell down. At that time, he thought, if he was a turtle, he could easily hide in his shell so nothing could harm him. He regretted his decision to be a bird. It was just a minute before he hit the ground, some miracles happened. The “turtle” bird was surrounded by sparkle and his wings disappeared. He landed on his four small feet safely.

He could feel his back was so heavy because of his shell was back and he turned to be a turtle again. He was so thankful to be a turtle again. He learned something important that every animals had their difficulties and problem, nothing lived as easy as he thought. When he thought only the fun part of being other things, he missed the thought of other things, the hard part to be other, because behind every luck that he saw, there had to be some hardship to be faced. At the end, he wouldn´t wish to be another animals anymore because he felt that being a turtle was the best for him. turtle


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