Swarovski, Kristallwelten

Swarovski, Kritallwelten is located in Wattens/Tirol. It is around 20 minutes from Innsbruck city in Austria. This place is quite large, it includes garden, fabric, restaurant, playground, store, souvenir shop, and museum. You can take shuttle bus from Innsbruck Hauptbahnhof (main station) direct to Kristallwelten. This place is also friendly for children and people with disabilities. They provide so many elevators inside the building so you can also use wheel chair or stroller inside the building.

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For the operational hours, they open 8.30-19.30 daily (From September-June) and last entry is 1 hour before closing time. They also extend the opening hours from July 1- August 31, from 08.30-22.00 daily, and the last entry will be at 21.30. They also have special program for Winter and Summer, you can check in their website at http://www.kristallwelten.Swarovski.com

Admission Fee

Adults 19 euro

Groups of 10 or more

17 euro

Children 6-14 years

7.50 euro

Family experience ( 1 adult and 1 or 2 children)

24.50 euro (every additional child plus 7.50 euro)

Family experience ( 2 adults and 1 or 2 children)

41.50 euro (every additional child plus 7.50 euro)

Annual ticket for adult 49 euro and for children 19 euro

Support companions for visitor with disabilities 9.50 euro

You can pay with credit cards and also debit cards. You can also buy Innsbruck card at the Tabak shop or the other place which sell this Innsbruck card to enter this place for free (because it is included in the place of interest to visit without paying more in Innsbruck card). The Innsbruck card costs 39 euro for 24 hours, but it is worth if you would like to visit Innsbruck, because with that price, you can take public transportation and also a lot of place of interest to visit (museum, Nordkette with cable car, etc) in one packet of card.

At the end, I recommend you all to visit this Kristallwelten if you visit Innsbruck because you can see so many interesting things inside of it. It is also interesting for children. You need around 2-3 hours to visit all, but you will enjoy it.



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