The Power of Forgiving

tree and bird.jpgOnce upon a time there were a tree and a bird which were bestfriend. The bird liked to have some rest on the tree’s branch after all day flying. They liked to share their experience in one day to each other. The tree also let the bird to eat some of the tree’s fruit. Their existence complete each other so that they didn’t feel lonely at night.

Suddenly oneday the other bird came and asked this tree’s bestfriend to fly with him. The bird promised that he would came back. He just flied away for a day and would be back the next day. But unluckily the bird didn’t came back for a long time.

The tree felt so lonely everyday. It kept waiting but the bird didn’t kept his promise to come back soon. The tree felt worry about the bird, that something bad happened to the bird. After a long time, the tree started to think that the bird just lied, that was why he never came back. The tree felt that the bird betrayed their friendship and started to hate the bird.

As soon as this hatred grew up, there some strange plant like parasite also grew on the tree’s trunk. It made the tree’s leaves fell down. The parasite kept poisoning the tree’s mind everyday that the bird was just a bad things that ever happened in the tree’s life so that the tree kept hating the bird. As the hatred grew deeply, this parasite spreaded widely all over the tree’s trunk and sucked all of the nutrition that the tree needed. The tree didn’t realize it until the tree almost died because its body lack of nutrition.

One day, the bird came back and he got shocked when he saw that the tree almost died. The bird explained what happened to him. Actually the bird’s wings were broken so he needed time to recover. He apologize to the tree because he couldn’t keep his promise. The tree cried and forgave the bird.

After that some miracle happened. The parasite felt down one by one from all of the tree’s trunk. The leaves also grew again, and more of it, the flowers bloomed as the hatred vanished from the tree’s heart. The tree felt happy again and their friendship was reconciled

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