The Beauty of Winter

“Hey, I come now to greet you!” said the winter to me

“No, please go away, I don´t like you, you are too cold for me! I don´t like you!” said me

“Oh, please be kind to me, can you see something good in me? I also offer some beauty if you want to see.” said the winter sadly.

“NO! Just go away!” I said.

I looked the door and then I don´t wanna go out, not even a single step, because it is too cold for me and I am too lazy to wear all kind of winter stuff. It´s a bit annoying actually to put a lot on my body. I feel like a walking snowman in winter.

But it was last year, this year something new comes to my mind. As i learn to think positively of everything that i negatively thought before, i see everything change. I feel better also and the world seems to be a better place now. I can´t change the world or even the seasons, but I can change the way I think. I welcome winter this year with a warm feeling and positive thinking. Instead of blaming the situation, i start to change myself and the way i think. It´s make me happier.

How come it could happen? Just because we change the way we think, it doesn´t mean that the situation will be better. Automatically our brain will focus to search and find something good instead of something bad. Then we will see something good and it refills our mental energy. That makes us happier, just as simple as that.

Vice versa, if we always think negatively, our brain will automatically focus to search and find something bad, and the bad things will fulfill our life and make us feel sorrow. Just like a self fulfilling prophecy.

So I start to stop this self negative fulfilling prophecy by changing the way I think. Yes, winter….you have your own beauty. Forgive me to blame you always for this cold freezing weather. What I have to do is wearing a proper clothes so that I will feel warm everytime I go out.

And at the end….let me introduce all of you with the beauty of winter that I found around my neighborhood. Please enjoy it 🙂

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