I just can do it! (a story of a kitty)

kittenOnce upon a time there was a kitten, which named Sasa. She liked to run and she wanted to join a marathon competition. Her mother and father supported her and accompanied her training every day. She trained hard because she knew that her competitors were older and had more experience than her since she was the youngest cat which joined the competition. Her legs sometimes hurt so bad until it was hard to be moved, but she had one thought that she could probably win the competition if practiced and if she thought she could.

With the positive thought and healthy body, she was so ready at the day of the competition. So after the whistle was blown and the competition started, Sasa ran so fast, faster than the other cat. She led the game until the half route, but then she got tired, she already lost almost her energy, but she kept forcing herself to run until she felt down and almost fainted. Someone gave her fresh water to drink and took her under a tree to have some rest for a while. Sasa drank the water and sit until she gained her energy again. She was so sad because she was not the first person who would reach the finish line. She started to cry and lost her spirit to finish the competition.

Then she heard somebody called her name. Actually it was her parents. Her mother and father hugged her and said to her, “If you fall, just don´t forget to get up, and if you feel tired just take a time to rest for a while. Remember ! it is okay not to be the winner,  but what important is you can reach the finish line by your own effort.”

Sasa remembered the days when she trained so hard and then suddenly she gained her energy and spirit again. Sasa thanked to her parents for their endless support and woke up. She started to run again but this time slowlier than before. She enjoyed her running time now and concentrated to reach the finish line even though she felt that the finish line was so far away and unreachable. There was a time when she felt down again, but with the support of other audiences and her parents, she woke up again.

There was a time when she wanted to give up, but she kept running when she remembered her goals. Finally, Sasa saw the finish line. She ran with the rest of her energy and she reached the finish line. She was so proud of her self and also so did her parents. She was not the first cat who reached the finish line for the first time, but she succeeded to reach it. Then she realized that success was not only being the first or the greatest in a short instant time, but it´s the matter of hard working, endurance, persistency, patience, and also a positive mind that she could reach it.

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