The Girl with Her Dog

Once upon a time, there was a little girl, named Lola. She had a puppy who loved her so much, so did Lola. She played with her puppy most of the time and felt asleep also by her puppy’s side. They were both really best friend. Everyone who saw them, always said that they were both soulmate to each others, since they were inseparable.

As Lola grew up and went to school, she met many new friends. She played more with her friends than with her dog, but her dog was so loyal to her. The dog waited everyday at the front door till Lola came back from school. The dog waged its tail because it was so happy whenever it saw Lola. Unfortunately, most of the time, Lola was too tired to play with her dog so she just stayed at her room or watched TV at home. At weekend, she preferred to play with her friends than her dog. So the dog missed Lola a lot, but it still loved Lola the most.

When Lola got sick and she stayed all day at home. The dog stayed beside her bed and accompanied her all day too. It never left her alone. Whenenver Lola needed something, it would help her, so that Lola could really take a rest. After she got better, she got busy again and forgot her dog. The dog actually felt lonely and sad, but it still hoped that oneday Lola would be as nice and friendly as she was younger.

Oneday, Lola took her friends home to play together. Her dog was so excited to see them all, because it thought that Lola and her friends would play with him. When Lola and her friends entered the house, it barked excitedly and waged its tail, but unfortunately Lola’s friend misunderstood the meaning of the barking, they thought that the dog was scary so they don’t want to play at Lola’s home. Lola was so upset with it and she was yelling at it. She also throw some books that she held to it. Unluckily, the books hit the dog’s head. It howled and ran away from Lola. It thought sadly why Lola did that to him, why Lola treated her friend nicely and not him. It never did something bad to Lola. Instead of it, he always treated Lola as Lola was a half part of his heart.

After the incident, the dog wouldn’t dear to stay closer to Lola. It became more quite and just laid at the floor nearby the living room, its favorite spot, since they used to play there oftentimes before. Lola didn’t noticed the difference until oneday her dog didn’t moved at all. Lola touched it and unfortunately it already passed away. The dog’s body was still warm but it didn’t breath anymore. Lola was shocked. At the times that she realized that her dog was gone, she suddenly remembered all the precious memories that they had together. The memories played back in her mind like a flashback movie. She started to cry and miss her dog, but it was too late. She regretted so badly since she took it for granted that the dog would always be with her. If she could turn back time, she would spend more times for her dog and treated it more nicely. She held her tightly and she finally realized how precious her dog was, just the time when it had gone away. She learned a very precious lesson of life from her dog. Time won’t wait for us and we will never know when will our beloved people or things leave us, so use the time wisely, take a time to take care of our beloved people. Don’t take it for granted that they won’t leave us no matter how we treat them, since when the time comes…they will leave for sure. So let us not regret something because we are being careless or inattentive to them. They, who love us, are one of our life’s treasure that we should be grateful by taking a good care or them.

Have a nice day dear people! God bless us all!

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