Things to Remember

There are several things that have been taken for granted lately in our life, either we realize it or not. We might think that we don´t need to take care about it but it will stay the same, but actually it´s not. Here are some things that have been taken for granted as i observed lately :

  1. Relationship : when we feel comfort with someone, we get used to them, sometimes we forget to consider their feeling. We think that they will understand everything that we do. We start to forget about anniversary or any special dates. We just easily think that every behavior of us will be understood and forgiven, but it´s not. As we want to be treated, we should also treat others so. Relationship has to be taken seriously, not for granted, and it has to be maintained, with affection, love, and attention. Single act of affection as reminding special date, calling our special one to ask how their day is going, spending our times to accompany them, saying something that can encourage them instead of judging.
  2. Time : We always think that tomorrow will come so sometimes we delay to do something, but we forget that the time will never come back and it can fly so fast as it will. As the result, we will complain that we don´t have enough time to do something. I would say that most of us have a problem with time management, it´s not about the time that is insufficient, but it´s about how we manage our time.
  3. Health : I see frequently that people ignore about their own healthiness, by eating every unhealthy delicious food, such as sugar, junk food, and other unhealthy things as much as they want without concerning about the impact of that food to their healthiness. Sometimes, we work also too hard and we forget that our body need rest and have to be recharged. Sometimes, we sleep to late just for watching our favorite TV serial or going clubbing or doing something till dawn, so we lack of sleep. We might think that we are still young, and we have a lot more times to live. Normally, people die when they are old, but this statement valid no more. I see so many friends of mine who suffer from serious terminal illness, such as cancer because of their way of living, especially their way of eating and taking care of their own body. Our body send us signal to warn us about our health condition, but sometimes since it´s not a serious complain that affect our activity, we ignore it and keep doing something that could harm ourselves. We would regret this one day, but this things surely could be avoided if we have a thought that our health is not something that could be taken for granted. It has to be maintained and we have to take a good care of it.
  4. Our natural resources : soon we will run of it if we don´t take a concern about our natural resources, but as it is always there for this moment, some people or even countries forget to maintain it, especially water and oil. It is good when people start to think about renewable energy and learn to appreciate our natural resources by using it wisely.

I write this blog also as a reminder for myself to appreciate all of the things that i have in my life.

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Have a blessed day everyone


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