Kindness That Saved The World

Years after years went by, the world became colder and colder, the temperature gradually dropped and the world climate had changed. There were no spring, summer, or autumn anymore, the whole season was just winter. It was so cold so that everything freezed. None of animals and plants survived. It was just ice and frost everywhere.

Human beings were just like a robot. They didn’t have any warm heart. They just have a heart which was cold as ice. Because it was so cold, it affected the world, that’s why the temperature of the world gradually dropped. None think about others, only theirselves. Since there was too cold for other creatures, there was almost no food for human beings. Starvation was everywhere and a lot of people died because of this cold weather and starvation. Human beings, animals and plants were going to extinct.

Not only the world that was in a big problem, the other planet also. Since the temperature was too cold, the stars around the world freezed also and lost its light and gravity. The stars were falling to other planets and the balance of universe was distracted.

The creature of unstariverse saw this phenomena and really concerned about this disaster. Since there were just three stars left that kept shining, so He sent them to save the world, to bring warmth to the world again. Those stars were called by Friendly, Smarty, and Lovely. There were landed on different parts of the world.

Friendly was landed somewhere that used to be ocean, but it was just like a frozen land now. Almost no living creatures left in that area, only ice and snow everywhere. He walked around to find living things, but he only saw skeletons of human beings, birds, and other animals. Suddenly, there was some noise, some human beings passed by. At the first time, Friendly was so happy to see human beings. He tried to interact with them, but they only stood still like a living zombie. He tried so hard to melt their cold heart by being as friendly as he can, but he failed. None of them reacted to Friendly, they even thought Friendly was a threat so they had to get rid of him. Friendly was arrested by those ice hearted army and he was prisoned in an ice cave. It was so cold for Friendly, so that he lost his light and froze like a stone.

Smarty was landed somewhere that used to be a desert, but instead of sand, there was snow everywhere and also ice. Like Friendly, Smarty saw no living creature nearby, there was only skeletons of humans, snakes, camels, and other animals. Because Smarty was so intelligent, he tried to built some machines to create warmth. He worked so hard day by day until he finished it. The machine actually worked well. It created warmth so that it can melt the frozen things in the radius of 10 meter from it. But unfortunately it was not strong enough to melt the world. Suddenly, the army of ice came to him and thought he was a threat also, like Friendly. So they caught Smarty and damaged the machine. Smarty was prisoned in an ice cave. Same fate just like Friendly, it was too cold for Smarty so that he lost his light and froze like a stone.

The third star, Lovely was landed on a place that used to be a city, but it was just abandoned city which was covered with ice. He also didn´t find any living creature at the first time. He walked around the city whole day to find someone. He almost gave up, but suddenly he heard some noise. He walked to that noise and he saw a girl who was dying on the street. She was freezing and it was so hard for her to breath. Lovely was not as intelligent as Smarty and he was actually a shy star, but he loved human beings and other living creatures. He felt so pity, but he didn´t know what to do either. He just sat on the street nearby the girl, cried and hugged her, so that the girl felt warmer than before. He also gave his cape to the girl and gave her some bread. The girl ate the bread and suddenly some miracles happened. The girl gained his strength and started to shine. Lovely asked the girl to give the bread and also the cape to other who needed. The bread and the cape could be multiplied if it was shared. The girl agreed to do it, so she left Lovely alone to find another human beings. Since it was too cold for Lovely without any cape, he was freezing.

The girl came to other place and met another dying human beings. She just did what Lovely had done to her. She hugged the dying man, gave him bread and cape. Another miracles happened, the man gained the power again and started to shine. The frozen things around them started to melt also. The girl asked the same things to the man, to share the cape and the bread to other human beings. The man also did it to other dying people. The bread and the cape were just like a relay stick of kindness and it spread to all over the worlds in just a day. Humans started to care of others again. Not only the kindness that was spread, but also the love of humanity.

Since the human started to shine, it brought warmth to the world, it also made the world´s temperature became warmer. Ice was melted everywhere. The plants grew, the flowers bloomed, and what really important was human heart´s became warm again. Lovely was just almost dying when it all happened. He knew that the world would be just fine now because human beings already found the warmth inside their hearts. The world became a better place to live because people had kindness again in their hearts that kept their hearts warm.

Everything was melted, Friendly and Smarty also melted and they were turned to be star again. They came to Lovely and thanked him because Lovely saved them also. The other frozen star in the galaxy also melted and shone again. Their mission was accomplished and they were ready to come back to the Creator of the galaxy. The three stars, especially Lovely was rewarded by a special gift. The Creator gave a special job to Lovely to be the guardian of kindness in human´s heart, so that the human´s heart would always be warm.

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