The Meaning of Love

Once upon a time, there was a little princess, who wanted to have a pet so much, especially a cat. She asked her parents but they didn´t allow her to have one because they thought that she was to small to take care of a pet. The parents said that raising a pet needed a lot of work and she had to be responsible of it. She promised them that she would take a really good care of the pet, if they allowed her to have it, but the parents kept their words and said that she had to wait until she was a bit older to have it. The princess of course felt disappointed because she really wanted to have a cat. She loved cats a lot.

There was a time when her friend knew that the princess liked cats, she was invited to play at her friend´s house because they had cats. The female cat had just delivered 4 babies and they all were so cute. The princess was so happy to play with all of the cats. She wished that she could have one of the babies but unfortunately, she knew that her parents wouldn´t allow her. So in order to be able to play with the cats, she came to her friend´s house everyday. She brought milk and some fishes sometimes and she really had a good time when she played with the cats. She knew that she loved her friend´s cats a lot.

One day, one of the kitten was missing. The kitten didn´t came back to the princess friend´s house for a while and all of the family members were actually sad because of it, so does the princess. She also helped them to look for the missing kitten but they didn´t find it. They had already spread a lot of posters with the picture of that kitten to a lot of places. The just hoped that the kitten was well and, somebody found it and returned it to the family.

When the princess went back to the palace after school, suddenly she heard a familiar voice nearby the gate. She looked for the voice and she found the lost kitten. She stroked the kitten and wanted to bring her back to her friend, but suddenly a dark thought came to her mind. She thought that her friends already had a lot of cats and she had nothing. It would be okay if she had one of them, wouldn’t it? She thought so and she took the kittens to her room secretly. She hid the kittens under her bed, but whenever she heard that some one came, she hid the kitten inside her cupboard.

She had a really good time with the kitten, she spent a lot of time to play with it. She felt so happy and she loved it a lot. She did take a good care of the kitten. But suddenly, somethings bad happened, the kitten got sick. The princess was so sad and confused, she didn´t know what to do. The princess lost her appetite and didn´t want to come out from her room. Her parents realized that there was something happened with the princess, but they didn´t know what it was.

So the queen came to her daughter room to see what´s wrong with her. When the queen entered the room, she was so surprised to see a weak kitten nearby the princess bed. The princess was crying and then hugged her mother so tight. “Mama, i´m sorry that I hide the truth from you, but it was dying and I really don´t know what should I do. Can you help me, please. I love it so much, I don´t want to see it like this.” said the princess.

The mother checked the kitten´s condition and called a vet to examine the kitten further. The vet said that the kitten needed her mother´s milk to support its immune system and it probably missed its mother a lot. The princess felt so sad to hear it, but she didn´t want to return the kitten to her friends because she already fell in love with the kitten. “We have to bring it back to its family.” said her mother. But the princess refused to do it and shook her head. “No, I love it so much, I don´t want to give it back. It is mine now, they already have a lot of cats, but I just have one! Am I wrong if I love it so much and I want to keep it?” she answered.

The mother hugged her daughter and took her to her bed. She looked deeply into her daughter´s eyes and said, “Do you knloveow what love is?” The princess nodded her head. “But I believe you didn´t know how to express it in the right way. When you really love someone or something, you won´t always think about yourself, you just think how to make them happy. Love is not a wrong thing, but your intention to have something or someone because you think that you love them and you want to be with them, could be a wrong thing, especially when they belong to someone else. If you keep holding them, it means that you just think about your own happiness, not the one that you love. Sometimes we have to let someone go if we truly love them, so they are able to reach their happiness. So if you love your kitten, do you think that you already make it happy by being by your side?” asked the queen.

The princess shook her head and started to cry again. Actually she realized that the kitten couldn´t survive if she kept it. “If you want to see it happy, please give it back to your friend. It´s hard, but it´s the best. You will feel more suffer if you see it die in the front of yourself just because of your ego.” said the mother. So the princess agreed to give it back to the family.

At that evening, she returned the kitten to its family and luckily the kitten could survive. The princess felt so relieved and she knew that she already made a right decision. She also got her own life lesson about love. She realized that if she truly love something or someone she won´t be so selfish again, because it´s not about herself anymore but it also about others happiness.

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