Welcome New Year!

Hello everyone! Happy new year for all the earth’s citizens! I wish you all healthiness and new spirit for a new journey this year. I believe this year will be a great year with a lot of challenges and fortunes. Perhaps some of us already set a new goal, make a lot of resolutions, or just gone with the flow. Some of us just wish to survive without any dramatic target to be achieved. It’s totally okay! What important is we do our best to live our life.

For some of us 2021 could be a tough year to go through. A lot of thing happened last year, good or bad things. Some of us also lost our beloved people last year. Perhaps a lot of us also achieved something good in 2021. Anyway….we all survive! As time goes by, we learn to be stronger. For me, 2021 was a year that taught a lot of things. It was a challenging year since i had to pass three tests, the first one was my driving license test, the second and the third were the education tests, since i decided to study again. It was really a tough year for me and so challenging cause i have to manage my time between studying, taking care of my family and chores, and also working. But from that tough year, i learned a lot of things about time and emotional management. It makes me grow up a little bit.

Sometimes we don’t realize that the hard time that we overcome bring also something good in our life. We could grow if we let our selves to. Then how can we grow? Just let ourselves get out from our comfort zone. It’s not easy to be done, since comfort zone offers safety, stability, and comfort, but we don’t grow if we always stay there. It’s also hard for me to get out from it, but i decided to stretch my limit to see how far i can go. The process itself are unpredictable and sometimes scary, but i told myself that i will do my best and appreciate it no matter what the result is, cause what important for me is that what I’ve learnt during that process. The first step is always be the first one, but after several steps, it will be easier or we get used to it, and we start to enjoy the process and we start to wait for what comes next.

Getting our of our comfort zone is uncomfortable but it’s not always a bad things. Sometimes we meet also wonderful things that we can’t experience in our comfort zone. Meeting new people, having a great adventure, getting new opportunities, changing our atmosphere of life, and another surprising things could be a significant part of our journey when we get out of our comfort zone. Some of us hesitate to do that since it requires changes in our daily life and we have to adjust with it. Change for some people are nightmare, but as my experiences, it’s not always that bad. It needs a lot of hardworking sometimes, but it also has its own fun if we try to enjoy it. So be positive and be ready for the new adventure ahead! Give a try for a new things, even it’s out of our comfort zone! I wish you all a great year with happiness, healthiness and luck!

Stay healthy and happy everyone! God bless us all!

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