The most precious thing…

Hello everyone! Hope everyone in a good condition especially healthy. Lately i heard a lot of bad news in my home country because of COVID 19. Almost everyday i hear some friends infected, some of my friend’s parent passed away, some of their sibling also passed away. It really makes me sad. The things is going worse in my home country. The hospital are not able to treat COVID patient because overcapacity, lack of equipment, and human resources. The oxygen became rare to find and so expensive, and so on. I am really concerned with all of these things. I do pray that this pandemic will be ended soon, and the things will get better in all of the countries who have suffered and struggled a lot to survive.

It is really sad to hear mourning news everyday. Death of someone we love the most is the most painful thing in this world for me. Why does it become so painful? Because we can’t see or touch them anymore. We can’t spend times with them anymore. They leave us for good. Being left behind, makes us feel lonely and weak. We may lose our grip on life or even we lose our hope to live also. Grieving is painful. Mourning period is unbearable, beyond human power to overcome it. The death itself sometimes become a bit acceptable if we see how hard the beloved people struggle to live, how hard they have fought their disease, but the lost itself, is still too painful. The sorrow that we feel is killing us softly. The closer our relation to the late people, the greater the lost and sorrow that we feel. That’s why some of us are even eager to give anything we have, just to spend more time with them, or even just to meet them once again.

Yes, it is never easy…i know how it feels since i lost my father and my father in law in the same year (only 2 months after one another). I’ve been there. It seems like your world falls apart. Hope is disappeared, the light is faded and the darkness surrounds you. There is no words enough to comfort the pain. But since we saw how hard they had struggled to live, just like i said before, their death seemed a bit acceptable, but the lost is real even though i’am not that close to my dad. So it must be more painful if we lost someone who are close to us.

To people who just lost their beloved people, i just want to say…..don’t be too hard with your self. It’s okay to be weak, you don’t have to be strong all the time. We need to grieve and mourning is a part of self healing. We are only human, that’s why it feels so painful. Cry as much as we can, let the pain express itself. But remember….there will be rainbow after the rain. Find a reason to live, if you can’t find any reason at the moment, keep living since you have a new task of life, it is to find the reason to live. The late people have already fulfilled their task in this world, that’s why they can leave. Since we are still alive, it means, we haven’t finished our duty in this world, so keep living and live it fully. Actually, the people that we love don’t disappear forever, only their body transform to another form, an angel who is always by our side, who always pray for our well being. They still live in our heart. They become the memories that we cherish a lot. We will meet them again someday, somewhere. That’s why we have to live our life the best way that we can, so by the time we meet them again one day in after life, we can see a smiling face of them. When you feel that the day is too long and the darkness is too dark, keep moving forward, try to find a light, cause even the darkest night will be ended by the sunshine in the morning if we want to open our window.

If you haven’t lost someone you love, than please do take care of them the best way that you can, spend more time with them, since the most expensive and precious in this world is time. Many people are willing to buy some times just to spend it with their beloved one. Why is time so precious? Cause you can’t turn back time, nothing can change time fand it passes so fast without we even realize it, so give our beloved people affection and attention, express how you love them cause you never know when they will leave you.

If someone close to you just lost their beloved people, just stay with them, accompany them in their darkest night. You don’t have to say a lot of comfort words, since no amount of words will be enough to ease the pain, so just sit and cry with them. If you want to give a comfort word, emphasize it on hope, that they will see rainbow after a storm, it’s a every hard moment, but they will be able to overcome it since they are not alone, you will always there for them. Hug them tightly. Tell them that they don’t have to be strong all the time, it’s ok to be weak for a while and cry. Show them that they are not alone, you are there for them whenever they need a shoulder to cry. Let them express their grief, but don’t judge how weak they are. Every person needs their own time to heal, some may need short time to move on, but some may need long time. Some have to crawl in order to be able to stand by their own feet once again. It’s a part of process. Don’t rush them, since it’s not an easy things to do, so be patient with them. Give them time and help them to build or collect their strength to stand again. Time will fade the pain and love will heal the wound.

So start from now, please do take care of your beloved one. Spend time with them, give more attention, pray for them, cause you never know when their time will end in this world. Start now before you regret tomorrow, cause the second of most painful things after losing our beloved people is regretting something that we haven’t do or say to them. Since everybody has their own time limit, so let us use the time as wise as we can. Avoid saying something that we may also regret in the future.

Take care, stay safe and healthy dear people! God bless us all!

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