An Ending

Today the sun is shining in our neighborhood, but the temperature still hits minus 12 Celsius degree this morning and it´s totally freezing. Since it is so cold and dry, the stream in the front of our house is freezing also. I can even stand on it because the ice is so thick. As the sun shines so bright, i thought it would be warmer at noon, but when i have a walk around my neighborhood, i realize that i wasn´t getting better. It´s as cold as a freezer though the sun shines. The sun could deceive us in this freezing weather. But i am still grateful, at least it isn´t as cold as in Tirol area. At the Tirol´s mountain, the temperature hits more than minus 30 Celsius degree.

While i was walking around my neighborhood, i saw snows actually melting so i can see the grass now. Actually this cold freezing weather will end tomorrow and at Friday, it will be warmer. Thanks God it will end soon. I am really waiting for Spring. What funny is, when i was a child, i dreamt to see the snow and i thought snow was cool and beautiful since i lived in a tropical country. But now, i prefer sun and warm after i feel how cold the winter could be. Still, i am so grateful that one of my childhood´s dream comes true.

As i walked around, some thoughts entering my mind. Nothing is eternal on this earth, everything has its own time. The winter will end soon and the spring will replace it. Suddenly i remember the hard time that i experienced two years ago, when my father was dying. At that time, my family was so hopeless and sad. Our future seems so blue without our father. But now, after two years he left us, we can see God helps us to go through that mourning time. I realize every moment has its own ending. A mourning time will meet its ending and the joyful moment will come. Hard time will be replaced with comfort moment. So does the vice versa, happy moments will be replaced with sad time. Success time could be replaced with failure moment also.

Maybe some of us reach our bottom line in our life, but remember, it won´t remain forever because everything has its ending. What we need to do is preparing ourselves to bounce as high as we can after those bottom line moments, just like a basket ball. Some of us perhaps reach our golden time, but remember also, it won´t last forever. Keep our feet on ground and always preparing for the worst. Because life is like a spinning wheel, nothing certain except change. Some of us maybe lost our family member, the situation could be as dark as hell, but remember also, time will heals pain cause it will make you get used to the lost. Just remember the beautiful moments that we have ever experienced with our late beloved people so that they will always live in our heart and mind. Some of us perhaps are so happy because new family members, but also remember, our baby will grow up and they won´t stay forever by our side, so we must prepare them to be  independent people

At the end, i realize what i should do everyday, just live like no tomorrow. Enjoy my day everyday with my beloved people because we can´t buy any moments, we should create it. I will fill my life with something meaningful so that when i come to my ending, i am able to see the fruits of my works for me and for other people. At last, i will also fill my day with gratitude cause i am still alive to meet the people that i love.

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